Be part of a purpose-driven organisation that translates values into action. Together, we can improve lives of the ageing community by delivering trusted care that we would like for ourselves and the ones we love.

We Prioritise Your Career Needs

We take an active approach in developing our people. NTUC Health offers various education opportunities, on-the-job training, courses as well as workshops to support you in the progression of your career.

Senior Day Care

Every Role Counts

Our employees are the cornerstone of our business. Every role – be it clinical, administrative, part-time or even interns – plays an important part in supporting our community.


Flexible Work Options

We support all employees who have varied commitments and needs, which is why we offer flexible working hours, part-time employment and a choice to work at any of our island-wide locations. 

Learning & Development

We believe in lifelong learning, not just for our seniors but also for our employees. NTUC Health offers different attractive career pathways with many education and on-the-job training opportunities.

Salary & Benefits

NTUC Health is an inclusive organisation where everyone is treated with respect and care. We pay and reward everyone fairly. Staff can enjoy subsidies, insurance coverage, as well as eldercare and health benefits for themselves and their dependents. 


Our pursuit of excellence has earned us numerous awards over the years. Join us and be part of an award-winning organisation!


We are an employer of choice committed to build a better work environment for our employees.